Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Gaia on-line

Gaia on-line is associate degree victory avatar-based on-line community for teens and young adults. 

Ge has the world’s 2Nd largest discussion forums covering just about each topic beneath the sun, and Ge is incredibly active with over one million forum posts per day! 

A virtual currency, referred to as Ge Gold, is employed for earning/buying/trading things with alternative users within the virtual economy. 

Players may additionally purchase Ge money to induce premium virtual things to boost their Ge expertise, however this is often optional! 

Ge conjointly has virtual worlds and games to act with alternative users, and absolutely customizable avatars and profiles wherever one will specific themselves freely. 

Ge has been around since 2003 associate degree  additional details will be found on an freelance internet site referred to as Wikipedia

**Having Games, Forum, Dress up-avatars.

**** Global ranking  = 7967
**** US ranking      = 3154